• Irish Linen

    McNutt of Donegal have been producing some of the world's finest textiles for over 60 year's. Once an everyday product in Irish household's during ...
  • Handcrafted in Scotland since 1874.

    William Lockie has used traditional skills along with natural soft Scottish water, since 1874, which is used to wash out the oils from the raw material, and ensures that quality is applied at every level of manufacturing and can not be duplicated anywhere else in the world.
    This gives your sweater it's unique Scottish identity and our guarantee that it is Made in Scotland.


  • Photo Shoot at Paradisbukta

    October on the beach at Paradisbukta, beaches are beautiful in all season's, particularly when an unexpected wave engulf's you. Natural beauty all...
  • House of Scotland Cashmere Fun

      Here are some of the images we haven't used, but gives you an insight into the fun we have during a shoot. Now studying at university i've known...