House of Scotland was founded by my late father Rolf Winther-Larsen who went to Scotland in the mid 1950’s to buy Curling stones, as Scotland was the only place to get them. He was taken by the friendliness of the people in Scotland, and was offered a small collection of Scottish merchandise to sell in Norway. Thus leading to him becoming a textile and clothing agent.

After many years on the road selling Scottish merchandise all over Scandinavia, he decided to open the shop ‘’House of Scotland’’ in Oslo, Norway 1967.
From 1989 the shop was then run by my brother and myself, continuing his legacy into the next generation.

In February 2003 I finally got my design of our in-house Tartan, ‘’Pride of Norway’’ recorded.
This was a great achievement and a lot of work involved to create a Norwegian tartan that has become very popular.

We have had a lot of Press coverage over the years, this particular picture was an advertising campaign for the shop. Included in this advertisement were our current brands at the time, Burberry, Daks, Church's Shoes and Henri Lloyd.

The 'ELG' Sportswear range was first developed in 1989 as a novelty reflecting the Norwegian road sign.
The range has been associated with golf, hunting and other field sports.

We hope you enjoy perusing our small range of Scottish and British merchandise.
The models, including myself are family and friends to give a very personal element to this website.
All our manufacturers are committed to sustainability, which means we are providing you with traceable fashion from the raw material to production, using British skills and manufacturing.
Rolf Winther-Larsen.